Tuesday, October 7, 2014


LEVEL: 180 - 210

¿Puedes contestar las siguientes preguntas usando el vocabulario sugerido?


Places, Regularity:

  • I go to the coffee shop religiously around 10 a.m. each day for a coffee. If a friend can join me, it is more enjoyable than drinking alone.
  • Once in a while or now and again (hardly ever) I go to a bookstore to look at what new release books are available.
  • In my hometown, the train station is a 20-minute drive, and the train only comes to the station twice a week. Because I have a car, I rarely travel by train.
  • I visit the hair salon around every three months for a ‘trim’ or ‘tidy-up’, as the hairdresser calls making my hair look neat.
  • Where I come from, there are no newsstands; however, here in Peru I do not worry about going to buy papers. There is no good news in them, and I only understand 10% of what I am reading.
  • What about health clubs? Do I go to them? No, definitely not! They are over-rated, very expensive, and many of the people that go there have egos as big as their muscles.
  • I rarely go to a copy shop because I have a printer/scanner in my apartment.
  • I go grocery shopping every two days so that we don’t have to have ‘one big shop’.
  • When I am in trouble I go to the Police Station. For example, if I have lost something, or I have had something stolen, or if there has been a car accident, or I have been assaulted.
  • I do not ever go to a nail salon because I am a male.
  • I catch a taxi at least once a day from the street but not from a taxi stand.
  • I have hardly ever been to a nightclub. When I was younger I would go once in a while, but I did not like them very much.

  • When I am in my hometown, I go to a coffee shop with my friends every day. My favourite coffee shop is in a mall, where I can also visit a bookstore, a newsstand and a supermarket (grocery store).  I shop in the supermarket twice a week and in the other stores once in a while. I hardly ever go to a copy shop or a nail salon although there are several in the mall. 
  • I never go to a health club or a nightclub.  
  • The train station is 18 km out of town and I hardly ever go there. There is a train only twice a week. It travels 2,979 km one way and is mainly for tourists.  
  • I rarely use a taxi stand because I have a car. 

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