Thursday, May 7, 2015


Giving Feedback

How important is receiving feedback after a presentation? It is very important. The word feedback in MET for EFL can be defined as valuable information given to a person on what he can do to improve his presentations and demo classes. The one giving feedback has to, first, observe the presentation and reflect on the extent at which the participant applied the instruction he received in class. This feedback should be provided with the only intention to help the one giving the lesson become a better teacher in the future.

Before you give feedback, remember these guidelines:
  • Observe the class respectfully. Do not disturb the presentation.
  • Do not compare the presentation against any other you observed in the past. Every presentation is different.
  • While observing the demo class, think about how the theory is being applied.
  • Do not wait until the presentation finishes to start taking notes. You may forget important details that are worth mentioning.
  • Be honest and tactful when you write your feedback.
  • If you are not sure about whether or not one of your comments is relevant, just write it down! You never know how valuable that piece of information can be.
  • Be objective. Focus on facts.

Click on the link below and print the form so that the feedback you give to your classmates is more objective. That form has been prepared compiling some of the most important concepts a teacher should put into practice in class.  

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