Friday, December 26, 2014


LEVEL: 180 - 210


  • The most popular sports in Australia are football, rugby, tennis, and swimming.
  • I used to like to play tennis and swim; but since I got older and had a family, I also got lazy and too busy to be involved in any sports.
  • I enjoy watching rugby, tennis and swimming on the television or a live match.
  • I am able to swim but not very well. My wife is an excellent swimmer.
  • The last time I went swimming was last summer at the beach.
  • My favourite pastime is sleeping. I manage to do this every night, sometimes in the afternoons for a half an hour.

The other things I enjoy are:

  • Watching movies on television or in a theatre. I only go to the theatre around three to four times a year.
  • Reading fiction novels by famous authors (which I do around once a year).
  • Walking for exercise, which I used to do every afternoon for half an hour. Since being in Peru, I don’t have to walk specifically for exercise because I walk everywhere as I don’t have a car.

There are no things that I hate do to, but there are three things I hate:

  • I hate people who try to impress you with their speech, profession or material belongings.
  • I hate the traffic in Lima and the car alarms that sound at any time of day and night.
  • I hate bad customer service in  stores and restaurants.


I am Peruvian and the most popular sports in my country are soccer and volleyball; but, when I lived in Pamplona, Spain, I learned a new sport that I like very much: pelota vasca.  I like to watch it because the players (pelotaris) use a racket to hit the ball or they can hit it with their hands!  I don’t practice any sports but I can swim.  The last time I went swimming was last year.  I went to the beach with my family. The water was so cold but very refreshing because the day was very hot.  In my free time, I like to watch old movies –especially romantic ones--, spend time with my son and my husband and visit my parents.  I don’t like to do household chores (but I do them anyway), to drive during rush hour or even worse: to take a combi during rush hour!

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