Saturday, September 13, 2014

WRITING: My Favorite Festival

LEVEL: 60 - 90


My Favorite Festival

My favorite festival is Mistura. It's a food festival. It takes place in Lima in September. It lasts for about ten days. Thousands of people attend this festival every year. At the festival, people eat traditional Peruvian food. They try Peruvian drinks, too. For example, one of people's favorite dishes at Mistura is anticuchos; and the most delicious dessert for many visitors is picarones. About drinks, pisco sour is the most popular. People love it. There is also a market at Mistura. They sell many different kinds of bread and potatoes. But Mistura is not only about food and drinks. Also, musicians perform music from different parts of the country. I always attend this festival with my family. I think Mistura is the most interesting festival in Lima. I love it.

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Angello Centeno said...

Teacher, you have a very good blogspot. I'm learning a lot with it.Thank you for this! Oh, if is not bad, can You put more test or exams to practice?