Wednesday, September 17, 2014

QUESTION FORMULATION: The Verb To Be in the Simple Past

LEVEL: 150 - 180


Los siguientes son ejemplos de preguntas con el verbo "to be" en el pasado simple (teniendo en cuenta el tipo de preguntas que debes haber aprendido hasta el momento en el presente simple).

  • Who was your favorite teacher when you were in high school? My favorite teacher was my Spanish teacher. Her name was Ms. Pajuelo.
  • How often were you late for class last month? I was never late for class last month.
  • Who were your best friends when you were in high school? What were they like? My best friends were Felix and Jean Pierre. Jean Pierre was one of my classmates. He was very fun and outgoing. Felix was not one of my classmates, but he was my best friend when I was in high school. He was very friendly but sometimes serious.
  • What was your favorite TV show at age 10? When was it on TV? How long was it? My favorite TV show was "El Chapulin Colorado". It was on TV from Monday to Friday at 6:00. It was 30 minutes long. 
  • Who were your favorite singers when you were a teenager? I didn't have a favorite singer, but I had a favorite band and a favorite group. I liked Mana; and my favorite group was The Backstreet Boys.
  • What was your favorite song ten years ago? My favorite song ten years ago was Beautiful Day by U2.
  • How old were you when you went to a party without your parents for the first time? The first time I went to a party without my parents was when I was 14 years old.
  • What was your favorite disco when you were a teenager? Where was it? I don't like going to discos. But my friends' favorite disco was Gótica at Larcomar.
  • How many people were there at the last party you went to? There were more than 100 people. It was my sister's wedding anniversary.
  • What was your favorite piece of clothing eight years ago? It was a black jacket that I bought at Gamarra. 
  • What color were your favorite shoes when you were a teenager? When I was a teenager, my favorite sneakers were white. They were a gift from one of my aunts.
  • What things were there in your bedroom ten years ago? Ten years ago, in my bedroom, there were a lot of English books because I was studying English. Also, there were tapes. I didn't have CDs to practice English.

¿Puedes contestar las siguientes preguntas sin ver los ejemplos?

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