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QUESTION FORMULATION: Talking about Traveling

LEVEL 150 - 180

  • How often do you go on vacation? I go on vacation once a year. / ¿Con cuánta frecuencia te vas de vacaciones? Me voy de vacaciones una vez al año.
  • On vacation, do you take a lot of photos? Yes, I do. I like to take a lot of photos so that I can show them to my friends and relatives when I'm back home. / Sí. Me gusta tomar bastantes fotos de tal manera que yo pueda mostrárselas a mis amigos y parientes cuando estoy de regreso en casa.
  • Do you pack a lot of clothes when you travel? No, I don't. I don't like to pack a lot of clothes because if I do, then I have too many things to worry about. I prefer to pack just the things that I really need. / ¿Empacas bastante ropa cuando viajas? No. No me gusta empacar bastante ropa porque cuando lo hago, tengo muchas cosas de qué preocuparme. Yo prefiero empacar sólo las cosas que realmente necesito.
  • How do you like to travel - by bus, plane, or car? I like to travel by plane because it is very fast and comfortable. / ¿Cómo te gusta viajar: por bus, avión o carro? Me gusta viajar por avión porque es más rápido y cómodo.
  • How many suitcases do you usually take when you travel? When I travel, I usually take one suitcase and a carry-on bag.  / ¿Cuántas maletas llevas cuando viajas? Cuando viajo, yo sólo llevo una maleta y una pieza de equipaje de mano.
  • What is something that you always take when you travel? When I travel, I always take my tablet because it helps me search for information very easily. / ¿Qué es algo que siempre llevas cuando viajas? Cuando viajo, yo siempre llevo mi tableta porque esta me ayuda a buscar información de manera rápida.
  • What is something you never take when you travel? When I travel, I never take more than two pairs of shoes because I think that taking too many pairs of shoes makes things more complicated. / ¿Qué es algo que tú nunca llevas cuando viajas? Cuando viajo, yo nunca llevo más de dos pares de zapatos por que creo que llevar muchos pares de zapatos hace las cosas más complicadas.
  • Do you spend a lot of money when you travel? When I travel, I spend a lot of money because I think that when you travel, you have to try new things and visit all the places that you can. So, spending a lot of money is necessary when you travel. / ¿Gastas bastante dinero cuando viajas? Cuando viajo, yo gasto bastante dinero porque yo creo que cuando tú viajas, tú tienes que probar cosas nuevas y visitar todos los lugares que puedas. Por ello, gastar bastante dinero es necesario cuando viajas.
  • Do you like to travel by yourself or with a group? I like to travel by myself because I can do what I want to; and I don't depend on what other people prefer to do. / ¿Te gusta viajar por tu cuenta o con grupos? Me gusta viajar por mi cuenta porque puedo hacer lo que quiero; y no dependo de lo que otros prefieren hacer.
  • Do you like to go sightseeing or relax when you travel? When I travel, I like to go sightseeing because I think going sightseeing allows you to know more about the places you visit. / ¿Te gusta hacer turismo o relajarte cuando viajas? Me gusta hacer turismo cuando viajo porque yo creo que hacer turismo te permite conocer más sobre los lugares que visitas.

  • What's your favorite place to go on vacation? My favorite place to go on vacation is Bariloche. / ¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito para ir de vacaciones? Mi lugar favorito para ir de vacaciones es Bariloche.
  • What's the best time of the year to visit? The best time of the year to visit Bariloche is in November. / ¿Cuál es el mejor tiempo del año para visitar (Bariloche)? El mejor tiempo del año para visitar Bariloche es en noviembre.
  • What's the weather like then? The weather is sunny but cold. / ¿Cómo es el clima en esa época? Es soleado pero frío.
  • What should tourists see and do there? Tourists should take a tour to Isla Victoria. It is a beautiful place to relax. / ¿Qué deben ver y hacer los turistas? Los turistas deben tomar un tour a la Isla Victoria. 
  • What's the food like? The food is good and affordable. Tourists should try Argentine beef. / ¿Cómo es la comida? La comida es buena y asequible. Los turistas deben probar carne argentina.
  • What's the shopping like? The shopping is really good. There are a lot of places where you can buy souvenirs. / ¿Cómo es el comercio? El comercio es muy bueno. Hay bastantes tiendas donde puedes comprar recuerdos.
  • What things should people buy? People should buy artisan chocolate. / ¿Qué debe la gente comprar? La gente debe comprar chocolate artesanal.
  • What else should visitors do there? Visitors should ride a cable car up to the top of Cerro Otto and take a lot of pictures of the beautiful landscape. / Qué más deben hacer los visitantes allí? Los visitantes deben tomar un teleférico a la sima del Cerro Otto y tomar bastantes fotos del hermoso paisaje.

¿Puedes contestar las siguientes preguntas sin ver los ejemplos?

  • I go on vacation as often as I can. When I lived in the U.S., I would go on 2 major trips per year and go on a simple camping trip to the high country about once a month. Now that I live in Peru, I only take around 4 vacations per year because it is hard to find free time when you work from Monday to Saturday. My wife is a travel agent, so we get very good prices when we do travel.
  • When we travel, I take hundreds of photos of nature and my wife takes thousands of pictures of people. I like to make funny faces in photos but she prefers all smiles all the time.
  • No, I don't pack a lot of clothes when I travel. I have traveled enough to know what clothes I will need and how much I will use depending on the weather and the access to laundromats.
  • In the U.S. I always used to travel by car or train. Here in Peru I always travel by bus or plane because I don't have a car here or a Peruvian driver's license.
  • I usually take a small suitcase and a regular sized backpack with me when I travel.
  • I always take reading material, my Ipod, and earplugs with me when I travel.
  • I never take my cat on vacation because she doesn't like to travel.
  • When I travel, sometimes I spend a lot of money on nice meals for my wife and I and we usually try to by an interesting souvenir to remind us of the trip. When I travel by myself, I am very thrifty, and don't spend money on things that I don't need.
  • I like to travel with my wife and/or my family as a group, but sometimes it is nice to get away from everything and everyone for a while and just be by myself.
  • When I travel, I like to go sightseeing and relax. I try to balance my travel time so that I don't wear myself out before the trip is over.


  • Whenever I'm on vacation, my favorite activity is taking pictures. I love looking at them when the vacation is over, and sometimes years later. They always bring back memories.
  • I don't pack a lot of clothes. I try to match the clothes to make different outfits before I put them in the suitcase. That way, I have more space for souvenirs, and I don't bring back unused clothes.
  • Any method of transportation is okay, but If I have the time, I prefer traveling by car. That way I get to stop when I want to take photos.
  • I never bring toiletries. They take space, they are heavy and you can always buy them when you get to your destination.
  • I don't like to spend a lot of money when I travel, but if there's a special place I want to visit, and it's expensive, then yes... I spend a lot of money.
  • I hate traveling in groups. I like to go places I want to visit, not places designated by a tour company; and also it is hard to agree on places to eat when you're in a group.
  • Sightseeing is one of my favorite activities. That's why I try to buy the Lonely Planet or the Rough Guide for the place I am visiting. They give you ideas and tell you which places are free; most places have a day or two during the week when they don't charge and that's always good.

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